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The Olympics Games 2016 -- Os Jogos Olímpicos 2016

The Olympics in Rio were a HUGE Success!

Our thoughts on the incredible Rio Olympic Games 2016

Well after the years, months and even days leading up to the Olympics, full of negativity from around the world, the talk of terrorist attacks, terrible security, stadiums that would collapse, stadiums that wouldn't be ready on time, shocking organisation, metro that wouldn't be ready on time, danger to all coming to Rio, water that would make athletes violently ill even by looking at it, and all the rest of the bullshit written, it's fair to say BRAZIL ABSOLUTELY SMASHED IT!

So proud of my adopted country. The organisation was superb, the travel to and from every arena superb, the workers and volunteers were dancing, singing, cheering, helpful... you name it, spot on. There were NO terrorist attacks, NO huge disasters, NO other headline worthy problems, (Other than the gunpoint mugging the American swimmers lied about...) the metro WAS ready and Brazil was ready. Not only were they ready - they hosted an incredible Olympic Games, everyone involved should be proud of themselves!

Don't get me wrong i'm sure not everything was perfect and you can talk about the politics of it all you like, but everyone I spoke to had an amazing time and loved Rio and the Olympics just like the World Cup. Usain Bolt loved the place so much he couldn't even decide which woman to take home! All the people who wrote the countless negative articles and joked on their chat shows about the disaster it would be, and make money from spending their life doing such things, should apologise and write open letters saying they were wrong. But that wouldn't make them money or get as many views eh?

Well done Brazil and the people of Rio. You done yourselves proud. What an Olympics it was.

The Olympic Games in Rio

In 2009 and amongst much fanfare, Rio de Janeiro was announced to to be the host of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Beating off competition from Madrid, Brazil had now won the rights to host the Olympics as well as the World Cup, in a period of 2 years. Exciting times lie ahead but not before changes in the city are made.

The Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro

At a cost of over US $4 billion dollars, a huge project to extend the metro from Zona Sul (South Zone), into Barra de Tijuca - where most of the games will occur - has been underway since 2010, to be ready in time for the games. A route that regularly has huge amounts of traffic, it is hoped the metro will ease the burden on the cities roads.

Along with various other improvements in the city, the airport has also been undergoing lots of building work and upgrades in time for the games.

The games will take place from the 5th to the 21st of August 2016.

Usain Bolt in Rio

In August 2014, Usain Bolt thrilled crowds on a specially-built track on the Copacabana beach with a time of 10.06, dancing samba after his win.

Getting there

The games will be held in various parts of Rio de Janeiro, Barra de Tijuca will host most of the venues. The rest will be located in three other zones: Copacabana, Deodoro and Marcanã. Barra da Tijuca will also house the Olympic Village. Check the official site Olympics Games 2016 Venue Map to see more and find all the information on how to reach the venues.

Top 10 Facts about the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio

  1. The 2016 Olympic Games will be the first to be held in South America

  2. 10,500 athletes from 206 countries will compete.

  3. To organise the games, 17,760 tennis balls will be supplied.

  4. 45,000 volunteers will work at the 2016 games.

  5. The first Ancient Games took place in 776 BC in Athens.

  6. The opening and the closing ceremony will take place in the Maracanã Stadium

  7. Golf (returning after 112 years) and Rugby (returning after 92 years) will be the “new” sports of the Olympic Games

  8. The total costs of the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro will mount up to 37.6 billion Brazilian Real (10.24 billion Euro): 24.1 billion Real (6.56 billion Euro) for the infrastructure of the city, 6.5 billion Real (1.77 billion Euro) for sports facilities and 7 billion Real (1.91 billion Euro) for the operation and organization of the event

  9. The slogan of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro is Viva sua paixão (Live your passion)

  10. p until today, the Summer Olympics have been held 27 times (6 editions in North America, 16 in Europe, 3 in Asia and 2 in Oceania)

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