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A great way to get you in the mood for a trip to Rio is watching the incredibly realistic animated adventure "Rio". When Blu, a domesticated macaw from small-town Minnesota, meets the fiercely independent Jewel, he takes off on an adventure to Rio de Janeiro with the bird of his dreams.

City of God

One of the most famous movies based in Rio de Janeiro shows the darker side but also with light at the end of the tunnel, set in the 1960's and 70's in a lawless favela (slum), the excellent City of God" tells the story of Rocket, an aspiring photographer looking for his big break so he can leave the treacherous area once and for all. The movie chronicles Rockets life as a young boy as he deals with his law bending brother and his gang, all the way to his teen years as a pseudo hippie. As the crime level soars in brutality, Rocket begins to realize his niche as a photographer is his only means of staying honest. With a psychopathic thug named "Lil Ze" looking to take over the favela, Rocket's career will take him on his most dangerous task of all.

Elite Squad

Elite Squad (Tropa De Elite)" is an intense and astonishing look at Rio de Janeiro's notorious favelas, the volatile slums on the edge of the city. The film is set in 1997 and presents an intimate look at the city's vast and intricate web of corruption.

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Rio Travel Guide

But if it's the real thing you're looking for, a nice vaction guide to Rio can be seen below.

Rio de Janeiro time lapse

Check out this amazing time lapse video: A day in Rio De Janeiro by The Delivery Men on Vimeo. Showing the true beauty of some of the famous views in Rio.

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