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About Leblon

Leblon is the most affluent, exclusive area of Rio de Janeiro. Separated from Ipanema by a narrow canal that connects the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon to the sea, you'll get to Leblon if you head towards the Dois Irmãos mountains from the beach in Ipanema, once you get to Posto 10 you've reached Leblon. Here you'll find beautiful people, top-quality restaurants, bustling bars, buzzing bookshops, high-end malls and an equally stunning, but somewhat quieter beach than it's more famous counterpart. It's no surprise with all of this, property prices here are a definitely at the high end.

Leblon Beach. Posto 10 - 11

Leblon beach is really a continuation of Ipanema, here you'll tend to find more families with kids enjoying the beach. Also as Leblon is the wealthiest area in Rio you'll find more of an upmarket, relaxed vibe with noticeably beautiful people. Check out our Beaches page for more information

Leblon beach

Eat in Leblon

Leblon is full of high-end restuarants, and those with a healthy budget will find no end of opportunity to dine on everything from top-quality Italian to incredibly tasty Thai. Those with less budget can enjoy vast portions of local dishes at the many informal botequins - neighborhood bar/restaurants), while vegetarians and health conscious types should head for Vegetariano Social Clube - its entirely meat free organic menu ensures it's never quiet inside.


Academia da Cachaça

This great little place is a locals favourite. One of the best places in Rio to try the national dish - Feijoada. Also showcasing a huge variety of cachaça, this is the ideal spot for lunch or dinner to get into the Carioca spirit of things.

CT Boucherie

This charming bistro focuses on grilled prime cuts of the top quality brazilian beef and wine. Steaks are wonderfully cooked, large, and of a very high quality. They also have a restaurant in Barra - Rio Design Barra, Rj - Tel. 21 3328 2187.

Sushi Leblon

Good atmosphere and superb sushi. Can get very busy so best to book ahead! ((21) 2512 7830)


Very tasty Thai food. We love this place, if it's a good Thai meal you're looking form you can't go wrong here.

Vegetariano Social Clube

Its entirely meat free organic menu has been known to tempt even the staunchest of carnivores.


This famous snack / juice bar is quite the phenomenon in Rio, people fall in love with the place and miss it desperately when they leave! Grab yourself a budget friendly tasty snack - sandwich, burger or maybe an Açai to go with one of a wide range of fresh fruit juices.

BB Lanches Juice bar

Party in Leblon



Loved by Cariocas, this legendary spot has been open since 1956. Great for post-beach drinks, it stays open late until the night. Try the bolinho de bacalhau as a snack - deep fried typical dish made up of potatoes, bacalhau, eggs, parsley.

Academia da Cachaça

This great little place is a locals favourite. Showcasing a huge variety of cachaça, this is a great spot for a relaxed few tasty Caipirinhas.


Famous for it's pastel and empadada bar snacks, be sure to try some with your "chope gelado" beer (cold draught beer).


The bar pays homage to the old stronghold of bossa nova in Ipanema in the past that went by the same name. Normally full of young people enjoying themselves, friendly staff and retro charm. It's a great place to chill and drink and/or have tasty Brazilian grills. Especially on weekends it gets quite crowded - people stand outside and sip their drinks while chatting with friends.

Bar Bracarense

What is not to like? It's a traditional bar that we at Rio Inside Out love to visit. Try the range of sandwiches, they're perfectly executed and delightfully tasty! Add the great beer and you too will leave very happy with the place.

Cobal do Leblon

A neighborhood square flanked by various bars and restaurants, you can eat, drink and chat until the small hours.


Stay in Leblon

Even though there are fewer accommodation options to be found in Leblon than in nearby Ipanema or Copacabana, the choices available are almost all of a very high quality. Famous Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen favours the chic design hotel Marina All Suites. Given the wealth of the Leblon area, unsurprisingly accommodation there isn't on the cheap side.

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Shop in Leblon

Shops in Leblon

Those who love nothing more than to shop will be in their element in Leblon. You'll find chic boutiques selling everything from tiny Brazilian bikinis to super-stylish jewellery. Head to the US-syle mall Shopping Leblon and you'll find a wide range of high-end designer stores, as well as a Kinoplex cinema. If that's not enough for you, head for the nearby Fashion Mall to wet your appetite some more.

Top Tip


The main road parallel with the beach is closed in one direction on a Sunday, you'll find it full of people walking, talking, running and enjoying the great outdoors. Check it out yourself!

Interesting Fact

It became quite the story when some locals won the "Mega-senna" - the mega lottery in Brazil a couple of years ago, they won a huge amount of money, around 20 million dollars, but the joke was that they still couldn't afford to buy one of the penthouse apartments overlooking the beach in Leblon, such is the value of property in the area.

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