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A relaxed and peaceful neighbourhood, Urca is located right at the foot of Sugar Loaf mountain. Despite its big name attraction, Urca remains free of high rise hotels, and is home to some fascinating historical buildings.

Throughout Urca's history, it has had a long association with entertainment, which is reflected in the number of Brazilian musicians and artists who live there. The most famous is Roberto Carlos, the Brazilian equivilant to Julio Iglesias!

Urca is not the place to come for hedonistic partying, but its informal bars are great places to come with friends for eating, drinking and general merrymaking.

Urca is also home to the Praia Vermelha Beach as well as the Sugarloaf Mountain

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Bar Urca

Bar Urca is a top weekend hangout for a few chilled drinks. Situated on the banks of Guanabara Bay it has a nice restaurant above but the main attraction is the postcards perfect views over the bay. This is what a typical Brazilian bar looks like, it is laid back, you hang around with a bottle in your hand or sit out on the sidewalk or on the wall taking in the view. The nibbles are delicious and also very Brazilian. The customers are a mix of neighborhood residents, visitors or Brazilian and foreign tourists.

With its seafood and fish always fresh and dishes like shrimp bobo, Portuguese stew, a whole line of cod and snacks such as pastries, pies, seafood broth and beans and fried sardines, Bar and Urca Restaurant is a reference of Rio's gastronomy.

Bar Urca view

Garota da Urca

Enormous pizzas, great barbecued meat at the table, silver service waiters - even for Pizza! Great caipirinhas and choice of beers. Very friendly staff. Beautiful view of Urca beach.

Getting there

You can see Urca on the far right of the map, host to the famous Sugarloaf Mountain.

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Top Tips

The stand out botequim is Bar e Restaurante Urca - a simple spot by the bay that has become a favorite haunt for local celebrities as well as a mix of locals and tourists, especially on weekends as the sun goes down. Party

Urca may not be Rio de Janeiro's most famous neighborhood, but it is home to one of the city's best-known attractions, in the towering form of Sugar Loaf mountain. Cable cars make the dizzying ascent from the base in Urca itself, stopping first at the smaller Morro da Urca before climbing to Sugar Loaf's peak; while those with substantial stamina can take a mountain trail up to the first cable car station. Check out our Sugar Loaf mountain page for all the information.

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