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Hotels in Rio de Janeiro

When recommending people of where to stay in Rio when budget isn't so much of a problem we usually say somewhere near to Ipanema, Leblon or Copacabana. Ipanema is probably a better area than Copacabana but you'll find many more hotels - and the very best ones - along the Copacabana beach front.

At the Rio Vibe we want to give you a real personal touch, we don't want to give you a list of hundreds of different hotels and hostels, there are plenty of other big sites for that. Instead, we will continually research and recommend just a handful of places in different price ranges, that come to us highly recommended. Each and every one we will personally check out and only list places that offer something different and with top quality service. Choose your price range below and find a great hotel in Rio.

Price you can expect to pay per night: $300 (1200R)

If you've got a healthy budget, we absolutely recommend staying a the Miramar, in Copacabana. Impeccable staff, nice sized rooms with huge marbled bathrooms, get a sea view room to look straight out to Copacabana beach, breathtaking. The pool area on the roof is wonderfully set up, dor breakfast you get a great selection - even a glass of champagne each morning if that takes your fancy! There are plenty of bars and restaurants nearby. Some of the Rio Vibe family recently stayed here and were blown away by it all. Top marks.

Price you can expect to pay per night: $550 (2200R)

It's probably the most expensive hotel in Rio, but for the rich and famous that come to Rio, the Fasano hotel is the place to stay (well, here or the Copacabana Palace). Hordes of young screaming girls waited outside last year to try and catch a glimpse of One Direction who were staying there. If you can afford it, get a beach view to make the most of it, the view is stunning! Brilliant service and an amazing pool area on the roof. Located right at the heart of Ipanema beach, not only is it the best location. They also have an Italian restaurant at the hotel which serves great food.

Price you can expect to pay per night: $129 (520R)

If you're looking for somewhere welcoming, with a personal feel, we've found a true gem for you. With a wonderful, helpful and caring owner (who runs the hotel as well) who has done everything for the guests comfort, look no further than the Casa Bromelia in Ipanema.

Casa Bromelia is an interesting mid-range option. It is is an intimate boutique hotel located in a recently restored Portuguese Vila, 1 block from the beach, in the heart of Ipanema. You can come here to get a blend of local tradition and international taste, and to feel like you live in Rio. The owner takes care of each guest personally, to make sure you get to know the city from a local’s perspective. Each room has an individual French balcony, local artwork, handcrafted bed and linen sheets. A healthy, tasty, homemade breakfast is included every morning - don't miss the cinnamon coffee! For more info click here

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We're still researching and looking for some of the best budget hotels, we'll be adding to this soon. We want only the best for you so it takes a little time.

Hostels in Rio de Janeiro

The budget travellers best friend. Rio is packed full of interesting hostels varying in quality. Starting at around 25R a night, hostels in Rio can be very budget friendly. If you're looking for somewhere near the beach, we've heard good things about Che Legarto in Ipanema, as well as Chill on the Beach in Copacabana. There are also very good, and probably better quality hostels based in Botafogo, or for something different - the hillside neighbourhood of Santa Teresa.

With so much information and reviews available online nowadays, we've had great experience with and recommend to use the popular review and booking site Hostelworld. You can get searching with them below! Great to find the best budget travel options.

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Apartments in Rio de Janeiro

When recommending people of where to stay in Rio when budget isn't so much of a problem we usually say somewhere near to Ipanema, Leblon or Copacabana. With the emmergence of short term apartment rental sites such as Air b n b, you'll be spoilt for choice. We've always had good experiences with them.

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Pousadas in Rio de Janeiro

Pousada literally means 'place to stay' and there are thousands all over Brazil, ranging from the very simple to the extremely sophisticated and luxurious.

At the Rio Vibe we recommend to use the site Hidden Pousadas Brazil. It's an insider's guide to handpicked pousadas in Brazil: unique bed and breakfast, guesthouse, inn, eco-lodge, B & B and luxury boutique hotel accommodation. Great to get a little off the beaten track.

Find amazing hidden pousadas in Brazil

This fantastic site let's you find places maybe you wouldn't hear about on the other booking sites and has a real personal touch to it, will all the pousadas personally reviewed by Alison the site owner.

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