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Airport Arrival in Rio

So you've finally landed, through customs and ready to get to your accommodation. Now what? Find out here

  • Arriving from Galeão - GIG International Airport/Tom Jobim (30 mins to 2 hours)
  • Arriving from Santos Dumont Domestic Airport (30 min to 1 hour)


Arriving from Galeão - GIG International Airport, as soon as you get past customs you'll see taxi desks where you can book a taxi (the white ones), however they charge quite a lot extra than a normal taxi - at least 50% normally, sometimes double. We recommend to get the normal yellow taxis you can find a few metres from the taxi desks just outside the arrivals terminal - but make sure they use the taxi metre (Taxímetro) - don't take the taxi if they want to charge a fixed value. To find out the rough cost a taxi should be, check out this very useful site. Also something to note, they will add on a few Reals per bag, this is perfectly normal - you should see stickers inside the taxi stating the price per bag - possibly about 3R each. As a rough guide, a taxi from the airport to Zona Sul should be somewhere around 70-100R, depending on where you are going of course. If traffic is good, you can get to Zona Sul in 30 minutes in a taxi from Galeao airport.

If you have internet access when you land, and want something a bit classier and don't want the hassle of dealing with cash when you arrive. Rio has popular chaffeur company Uber! Download the app beforehand and sign up, once you arrive, use the app to find a driver nearby, you'll see the price, it's all paid for by credit card and very safe to use. A suited and booted driver will pick you up and even give you some water. It usually only costs a small bit more than a regular taxi.


It's much simpler, faster and safer to get a taxi from the airport direct to your destination, but if you're on a small budget you may want to try the bus. They are blue and have air con; comfortable, safe to use and cheap. The only potential problem is getting to and from the bus into the city itself, especially if it’s late (ie. if after dark and carrying all your luggage and finding your way to your accommodation) With all the building works to improve the Galeao airport in time for the Olympics, the buses and routes are changing quite often. For all the very latest information, check out the official Galeao airport bus section here. The bus normally takes around 90 minutes to arrive in Zona Sul, depending on traffic. These Premium Omnibus'currently run every 30 minutes, from 5:30am - 11pm.

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