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Visas for Brazil

Do you need a visa to visit Brazil?

Immigration and customs formalities are fairly straightforward, though you'll want to be sure to have your visa in order if you're from a country (like the USA, Canada or Australia) that needs it.

Citizens of the USA, Australia and Canada need a visa; citizens of the United Kingdom, France, Germany and New Zealand do not. Tourist visas are valid for arrival in Brazil within 90 days of issue and then for a 90-day stay. The fee and length depends on your nationality; it’s usually between US$20 and US$65, though US citizens are hit with a whopping US$160 reciprocal bill. Processing times vary from five to 10 business days, sometimes less depending on nationality and consulate efficiency. Brazilian consulates will never provide expedited visa services under any circumstances, so plan ahead. You’ll generally need to present one passport photograph, proof of onward travel and a valid passport.

People under 18 years of age who wish to travel to Brazil without a parent or legal guardian must present a notarized Visa Consent Form from the non-traveling parent/guardian or from a court. Check with a Brazilian consulate well in advance about this.

Entry & Exit Card

On entering Brazil, all tourists must fill out an entry exit card; immigration officials will keep half, you keep the other. They will also stamp your passport and, if for some reason they are not granting you the usual 90-day stay in Brazil, the number of days you are allowed to stay will be written in your passport.

When you leave Brazil, the second half of the entry/exit card will be taken by immigration officials. Don’t lose your card while in Brazil, as it could cause hassles and needless delays when you leave.

For all the latest visa information in English, visit the Brazilian Consulate visa page by clicking here

Student Visas for Brazil

It's possible to apply for a student visa and stay longer than the standard 90 days in Brazil. Even better, you can apply for a "Portuguese for Foreigners" course. Traditionally you would need to enroll in a University course, the most famous in RIo being PUC, but nowadays you have some other great options, such as getting your student visa at the language school we recommend, the Caminhos Language Center.

It's a certified language school which can provide you with the necessary notarised documents needed to obtain a Student Visa. Caminhos Language Centre offers 6 or 12 month Student Visa packages and can tailor a program suited to your needs. For more information about obtaining a Student Visa with Caminhos you can contact them directly at [email protected] or visit their site here

Applying for a student visa in Brazil

Once you have signed up for your Portuguese for foreigners course, the University or school will send you a notarised letter of acceptance. It'll probably take a few weeks to arrive and you'll need this to apply for the Student Visa from your home country – you can't apply for this visa from Brazil.

The main documents you need to get your student visa are:

The notarised letter of acceptance showing your name, duration of the class and hours.

Proof of financial means showing that you can support yourself (around $2,000 a month for the duration of the course) or have someone to support you (Such as a parents bank statement and letter saying they will provide for you)

Your flight itinerary showing the departure and return dates

Background clearance showing that you aren’t a criminal.

Proof of Residence which can be a drivers license.

As well as some other easier documents

Tip: the entire process of applying for a student visa can take between 2-3 months, so make sure you give yourself good time.

You can ask at the University or school for more details

Visa Extension in Brazil

Located at the Intl Airport: Galeão- GIG Monday - Friday 8am- 5pm

Terminal 1, 3rd floor, Federal Police Station (21)33983142

If an appointment is not available on line, it is best to arrive early (7:30am) because it can take a long time.

bring a valid plane ticket with you with a specific return date

bring your passport and a bank account statement proving sufficient funds for travel

maximum stay for a tourist visa is 6months

fill out the online form and print out confirmation

go to Banco do Brasil to pay the extension fee

If your visa expires whilst you are here, you will incur a penalty of 13Rs/daily. This is to be paid only when re-entering the country in the future, not at time of departure. Note: if you overstay your visa and leave the country, you won’t be allowed re-entry for 1 year. (This can be less and is gets complicated)

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