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Cabo Frio

Sandwiched between sand dunes, lagoons and the sparkling Atlantic, Cabo Frio's naturally gorgeous setting has been seriously stunted by industry and overdevelopment. The city itself isn't the most attractive, however on weekends and summer holidays its bars and beaches continue to draw crowds of happy-go-lucky Brazilians.

Praia do Forte is the jewell in the crown of Cabo Frio, a stunning stretch of white sand and green waters named after the fort at its eastern end. Along the Canal do Itajuru you can find many restaurants, the canal links nearby Lagoa de Araruama to the Atlantic Ocean.

You can take boat trips departing from Cabo Frio (or Buzios that drive you to Cabo Frio for the boat trip and then back) to some small islands like Comprida Island, boasting wonderfully clear, sparkling blue water.

One of the best beaches in the area - some locals even say the world - is Prainha. Not so easy to access but once you get there it'll be worth it, just amazing...Emerald colour waters, white sand and wilderness so well preserved which will make you feel special. The difficult access preserves its natural beauty.

Transfers between Pararty / Ilha Grande and Rio

Get a transfer to Rio / Ilha Grande / Paraty

If you're travelling in the state of Rio, between Paraty, the amazing island of Ilha Grande or the ctiy of Rio, you can use regular bus companies, but the savings you'll make are very minimal and it'll take you longer, as well as be more complicated. For these reasons we recommend using the budget friendly company Easy Transfer. OK they might not look exactly like the image above, but they're safe, reliable and do a door to door service to take all the hassle out of the journey. Check out their website for all the details of getting to each place. They go to all the main tourist places such as Paraty as well.

If you're heading to Paraty from Rio, you can use the above mentioned company, but if you'd rather spend a bit more money and go in more comfort, we highly recommend Paraty Tours

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