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Niterói is the neighbouring city of Rio. It lies across the Guanabara Bay and is reached by the huge President Costa e Silva Bridge, commonly known as the Rio-Niterói Bridge.

If you decide to visit Niterói you'll find some beautiful beaches that look over to the city of Rio, an amazing site to see it from another perspective as the sun goes down. The UFO shaped Museu De Arte Contemporanea (Museum of contemporary art) is also worth a visit. From the Parque da Cidade you'll find some of the best views in the city.

Things to Do

Museu De Arte Contemporanea (Museum of contemporary art)

Known by the locals as MAC (modern art center), the unique UFO shaped building stands out at its location on the point of a small headland looking out over Guanabara Bay. Built in 1996, based on a design by Oscar Neimeyer, as of October 2015 it is currently undergoing renovations, so the art housed within can not be viewed at present. Still worth a visit as the building is stunningly beautiful.

Museum of Comtemporary art

Getting There

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Interesting Facts

Studies by the Getulio Vargas Foundation in June 2011 classified Niterói as the richest city of Brazil, with 55.7% of the population included in class A. Considering the classes A and B, Niterói also appears in the first place, with 85.9% of the population entered in these classes.

The Brazilian leg of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series takes place in Niterói.

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