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Empress Maria Tereza used to come and escape from the steamy summer heat of Rio to the cool mountain retreat of Teresópolis, the highest city in the state, nestled in the unusual rock formations of the Serra dos Órgãos.

The gorgeous winding road from Rio to Teresópolis climbs steeply through green jungle, with dramatic towering peaks rising high above. As you make the steep accent up the mountain you'll see a couple of great viewpoints (vistas) to stop at on the way.

The Quebra Frascos, the royal family of the Second Empire, once resided here. Today the city’s principal attraction is the surrounding landscape and its natural treasures. For the bold, one of the biggest and most beautiful treks in Brazil can be found here, 35km and 3 days hiking will get you to neighbouring Petrópolis.

Many people that live in the city of Rio have family sized holiday homes in Teresópolis and come for weekend breaks away from the hustle and bustle of city life, plus to cool down a bit - temperatures are usually a good few degrees lower here as Teresópolis sits high in the mountains. In winter time it can actually get pretty cold!

Teresópolis features a Subtropical highland climate, with relatively cold and dry winters and mild and wet summers. The annual average temperature is 16 °C/60.8 °F.

The official lowest temperature registered downtown is −4 °C. Teresópolis has one of the mildest climates in Brazil and this is one reason why the area was chosen as Brazilian Football Confederation's training headquarters, hosting the Brazil national football team, located in Granja Comary. The team trained here and used it as their base in preparation for the World Cup in 2014.

Transfers between Pararty / Ilha Grande and Rio

Get a transfer to Rio / Ilha Grande / Paraty

If you're travelling in the state of Rio, between Paraty, the amazing island of Ilha Grande or the ctiy of Rio, you can use regular bus companies, but the savings you'll make are very minimal and it'll take you longer, as well as be more complicated. For these reasons we recommend using the budget friendly company Easy Transfer. OK they might not look exactly like the image above, but they're safe, reliable and do a door to door service to take all the hassle out of the journey. Check out their website for all the details of getting to each place. They go to all the main tourist places such as Paraty as well.

If you're heading to Paraty from Rio, you can use the above mentioned company, but if you'd rather spend a bit more money and go in more comfort, we highly recommend Paraty Tours

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