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Chinese viewpoint --- Vista Chinesa

View of the Chinese viewpoint gazebo


Free, uncrowded and stunningly beautiful, the view from the Chinese viewpoint (Vista Chinesa in Portuguese) is one frequently missed by tourists in Rio. Inside the Tijuca National Park and one of the few places including views of both Corcovado Mountain, the Christ statue and Sugar Loaf mountain, the view from here offers a different perspective than the other more famous sights. The monument itself is a bamboo gazebo on the ascent of Alto da Boa Vista. It's an enchanting sight, looking over the lush green forests at the beauty of Rio, in a tranquil place without the commercialism of other tourist sights.

View from the Chinese viewpoint

Getting there

A good starting point is from the botanic gardens, from there a taxi will take you up to have a look. They'll wait for you while you have a look and take a few pictures. On the way up (or down!) there is a waterfall you can stop at and have a quick swim when it's full, again the driver will wait as long as you dry off before you get back in!

You can also walk, or bike it up...

You can't miss the Chinese viewpoint on the map, it's the grey object on huge green forests of Tijuca.

Tourist map of Rio

Best time to visit

Afternoons are ideal – after midday / 1pm, during Daylight Saving Time. An hour before sunset usually gives you a great view if it's not cloudy - if there are low-hanging clouds obscuring Corcovado Mountain, it can be sign that you may see very little or nothing from Chinese Lookout.


On the way, there is a small waterfall by the road where you can refresh yourself if you’re wearing your swimming stuff under your clothes, or just want to take a quick photo. If in a taxi, just ask him to stop.


The momnument is 380-meters (1,247-foot) high


The overlook features a Chinese-style gazebo, which was built in the early 20th Century. History records confirm that Chinese immigrants came to Brazil and settled in Rio de Janeiro in the 19th Century to start a tea plantation.

The Chinese viewpoint featured in the "Rio" movie

Chinese viewpoint in the Rio movie

In the movie "Rio", after Blu and Jewel managed to escape from the smugglers and Nigel, the two found themselves in the middle of the Park and were searching for shelter. First, Jewel came across a tall tree and suggested they rest in it. Since he was a bird who had never lived in the jungle, Blu refused to sleep in the tall tree they came upon. Suddenly, he spotted the Vista Chinesa in distance and told her he would prefer to spend the night there, as it was "man-made."

Persuaded by Blu, they decided to rest in the gazebo. Underestimated by Jewel due to his inability to fly, Blu exposed his acrobatic excellence by dragging her along with him to the upper beam of the structure, mocking her in the process. After that, they had a short discussion about flying before Jewel went to sleep.

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