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Knowing the best tours in Rio will help you get the best out of your vacation. Here at the Rio Vibe we only want to give you the best advice, we're currently researching some of the best tour guides and different types of tours we can recommend to you, we'll be adding to this once we can be sure we've found tours and guides that are top quality! But for now we can definitely recommend...

Eat Rio Tour company

If you're a bit of a foodie and want to do a tour that's a bit different from the norm and check out some of Rio's finest local food, we highly recommend the wonderful food site, and tours they offer at Eat Rio. Their website states:

"We believe that the best way to get to know a city is by strolling along the streets, eating the food and rubbing shoulders with the locals. You won’t find the true spirit of Rio in the flashy bars and tourist-traps of Ipanema – you’ll find it in the bustling street markets and little restaurants that only the locals know."

Moqueca, you'll find some of the best food in Rio on these toursThey take small groups on foot to explore the bustling street markets and little bars and restaurants that have been favourites with the locals for generations. On their tours you will taste the best of Brazilian cuisine – delicious street food, tasty bar snacks, amazing fruits and juices, weird Amazonian dishes, Brazilian beers and cocktails and plenty more. The tours aren’t just about eating – as you walk, they’ll show you street art and other points of interest (including the Carioca Aqueduct and Selarón Steps), they’ll tell you about the history of Rio, chat about life in the city today and give you insider tips on the best things to do in Rio.

Favela Adventures tour logo

Favela Adventures ( are are a small company that is operated 100% by residents in the favela of Rocinha. Their company consists of five parts of sustainable tourism in the favela. The main purpose of their tours is to educate people about the Rochina community and the great things that exist there.

Tourists and their guide enjoying the Rochina favela tourWe've heard lots of good things about this tour, check Trip Advisor for many positive reviews. Rochina is the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro, it'll definitely be a unique experience and something that's positive to help the community.

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