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It's quite incredible that a city the size of Rio, with over 6 million habitants and the hussle and bustle of the city that brings with it, has such an amazing array of wildlife inside it. Not just in the Botanic Gardens but also in and around the city. There can't be many countries in the world where you can see monkeys and toucans in the heart of the city when you're stuck in traffic! Here we give you a quick guide and what you might be able to find.

We don't claim to be nature experts here at Inside Rio but here's a few photos of some of the amazing wildlife we've spotted around Rio. Let us know in the comments at the bottom what you've come across!

Check below for some things to look out for...

A caterpillar in Rio

Toucan - seen nearby the Botanic Gardens

A toucan nearby the Botanic Gardens

Monkey - seen by Christ the Redeemer

A monkey by Christ the Redeemer

Capybara - around the Lagoon

A capybara around the Lagoon

Lizard - in the Botanic Gardens

A lizard in the Botanic Gardens

Marmoset (common monkey) - in the Botanic Gardens

A marmoset in the Botanic Gardens

Butterfly - Botanic Gardens

A butterfly in the Botanic Gardens

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